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Can you hear the professional auction drum?

veenioWe hold public Auctions to sell the items our clients no longer need, be it old households, office furniture, company equipment they no longer require, items that they consider obsolete and of no worth to them, we dispose the same with a financial gain where they do not expect any. to you.



No Property is big enough. We sell everything.

veenioOur 17 years of experience in the auctioneering business makes us one of the best in this profession. The procedure we follow in carrying out the auctioneering business and repossession business is strictly in accordance with the Auctioneers Act. We have never been cited either before the Auctioneers Licensing Board or Court for taking short cuts. We are able to get Break-in orders/Police assistance for difficult debtors and always act in he interest of our clients. We do not expose our clients to the Risk of being taken to court and are professionally indemnified by a reputable insurance company for Kshs5million.



All properties turns to cash at the fall of our hammer

veenioWhile we are famous for selling works of art for record breaking prices, many of the items offered in our salerooms are very affordable.

Whether you're new to Christie's or you're already a seasoned buyer, we provide you with the services and tools to decide what to buy and how to buy it. Auctions are open to the public. There is no admission fee.



World Class Standards

veenioWe also hold auctions on second hands house hold furnitures once every month. 

Kindly contact us for the auction dates

We auction cars once every month be in touch

We auction cars once every month.

Maduwande Auctioneers has regularly scheduled auctions every month, Sales offer a wide array of vehicles, electronics, equipment, furnitures and more. Our sales are attended by both public and dealers.

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Maduwande Auctioneers sold best grade bulls at Tade Fair formely ASK.


Maduwande Auctioneers on 2nd of October on Tade fair formely Agricultural Show of Kenya )(ASK) sold
Maduwande Auctioneers launched their website ahead of  2nd of October of Tade Fair


Maduwande Auctioneers launched their website provisionally ahead of  2nd of October on Tade fair fo
Disposal of Immovable Properties


Maduwande Auctioneers carries out orders to dispose immovable properties. Below are a list of prope

You can contact us with the details below:

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+254 0720778817/0738720761




Our financial system is highly efficient having involved over the years .We keep upto date books of accounts and remit proceeds of auctions as stipulated by law to our principle together with itemized accounts. We have separate “client accounts” where we keep all the monies of our client’s safety. We also keep our clients and principals fully posted of any developments and any course of action regarding any given task.

Little about us

We have comprehensive Insured Bonded go-downs and yard for sale custody of all the Movable properties attached by us till the properties are sold.  .